Giving Back

Spirit Journey Yoga Teacher Training is happy to announce that we have partnered with The Borneo Nature Foundation Reforestation Program in Kalimantan Borneo, home to the last populations of wild Orangutans as well as many endangered species of primates, birds, insects and plants to help save the rainforest.

For every student enrolled in our training we will donate the funds needed to plant a tree in fire damaged areas in Kalimantan; from the seed needed to grow the seedling through planting and finally monitoring the progress of the new growth in the forests. In addition to helping the environment, the program is helping dozens of small local businesses and families thrive by creating tree nurseries on their properties. These trees planted in honor of each student will go to help save the second largest Rainforest on Earth!

In the last 50 years almost half of the 140 million year old rainforest in Borneo has been destroyed through logging, mining, palm oil plantations and devastating fires. These large rainforest are the lungs of the planet and help create oxygen for every living being on Earth.

For more information on the Borneo Nature Foundation and their work go to:

“He is great teacher and shares his knowledge and insights. One of the lovely things about Rusty is way he points out that every one in the room is teacher, creating a great environment for everyone to engage and learn form one another. I have taken much of what I learnt into my own regular practice.”

– Mike M.


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