Available Programs

Spirit Journey Yoga School is excited to offer a number of training programs, immersions, retreats and workshops. See our Events Page for more details on currently scheduled trainings and events. These courses and immersions are suitable for massage therapists, body worker of all kinds and yoga teachers & yoga students wishing to deepen their knowledge of the practice of yoga and human body through the myofascial system and subtle energy body.

These courses can be used toward your Level 1 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher ( RYT L1), Advanced Module Registered Yoga Teacher 2 Certification ( RYT L2) or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP)*.In addition to our certification courses we also are excited to offer single day and multi day workshops and retreats. We are pleased to announce a new offering, Epic Aging- The Art of Cultivating Timeless Radiance with Janice O’Callaghan. If you are a studio owner or student who is interested in having us bring one of our programs to your area we would love to make that happen! Contact us by email or through the website Contact Page.

*please check individual designations

Yoga Teacher Trainings:

Spirit Journey Yoga with Rusty Davis Presents:

Level 1 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification Yoga Teacher Training

Our Comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will cover the practical methodology, theoretical background, historical perspective and spiritual aspects of the science of Yoga. Our experienced teachers will share their knowledge, understanding and personal experience of yoga in all its wonder and depth. Our mission is to teach and live with authenticity, to inspire the next generation of yoga instructors towards a life of service to their students.The training offers a world-class education, grounded in the wisdom of experience and self-inquiry. The student will leave with a thorough education in asana, meditation, chanting, anatomy, history & philosophy of Yoga and be prepared to teach Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama. This program qualifies and fulfills requirements for the candidate to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 Level. Guest teachers will be a part of each training with specialties in subject such as Anatomy and Physiology, History and Philosophy, Ethic and Business of Yoga, SEVA, Prenatal Yoga, Sound Healing and more.

Topics Covered in Classes and Workshops Include:


  • Sadhana / Asana, Posture & Alignment, Adjustments
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Chanting
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga History, Ethics, Theory, Philosophy, Ayurveda
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Personal Development
  • Abundance Program
  • Detoxifying Juicing Days
  • Much more….

Current Level 1 training scheduled in Ubud, Bali April 1-28, 2019

Spirit Journey Yoga with Rusty Davis Presents:

 50 hour Modules

The Art of Release Series

Journey through the Fascia System Training

4 x 50 hour modules that can be done in any order at anytime.

Yoga Alliance 100 Hour  RYT 1 or 2 or YACEP

Current scheduled course Ubud, Bali  May 4-10, 2019

In this 4 part series Rusty Davis will present his complete Art of Release Series. They are suitable for massage therapists, body worker of all kinds and yoga teachers & students wishing to deepen their knowledge of the practice of yoga and human body through the myofascial system and subtle energy body.

These are 7 day intensive Advanced Modules that may be taken separately or in sequence as Yoga Alliance Level 2/ 500 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Certification or as YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) for teachers who are already certified with Yoga Alliance.



Spirit Journey Yoga with Rusty Davis Presents:

Transformation Breathwork (TB) Workshops and Retreats

10 Day Retreats with Option to Train as TB Facilitator

In today’s human experience we can live in a state of being that is filled with tension in the body, emotions that are hard to understand and a disconnect to the breath system.  Transformation Breathwork is an experience that nourishes the soul and creates more freedom in the body-mind connection. When at a Transformation Breathwork session you will experience first hand how to open the fascia system in places where stickiness can reside, keeping us from taking a deep full breath. We will find connection among the community at the session and practice how to breathe more effectively for life, work, relationships and sports. Transformation can happen in an instant, so come experience the breath work that transforms, is easy to learn and safe. What you learn here, you could take with you for the rest of your life. Breath is everything and it’s how we get our energy to live!! These sessions open up the possibility of increasing your energy and restoring your emotions so you can find more balance, vitality and a feeling of positivity.

Current 10 day Transformation Breathwork Retreat/ Training scheduled in Ubud, Bali March 2019

Bring a Friend Program:  For all of our Level 1, 2 and Breathwork Retreats bring a friend and you both get $100 discount on Level 1 trainings and $50 discount on Level 2 & Breathwork trainings when you register together!


These Workshops and Retreats are dedicated to the Art of Cultivating Timeless Radiance and Optimal Health

EPIC: NOUN= A long poem ADJECTIVE= Heroic, grand or extraordinary in scale or character

We offer both full day immersion style workshops, multi-day events or residential retreats for your groups.

Janice O’Callaghan, in her 60’s will be guiding the sessions as we BUST through the myths and preconceptions society places on the aging process. Fostering the belief that it is possible to grow in strength, beauty and wisdom as we age, maintaining our own individual style and creativity, moving forward with serenity, equanimity and grace using tools, both modern and ancient to foster a lifestyle that results in optimal well being. Through yoga, meditation, sharing circles, nutrition, Ayurveda, NLP, Mind Mapping and more we will create a space to share our fears, wisdom, humor, our hearts and minds.

Email Janice directly at:



These 3 hour workshops and all day retreats are intensive learning sessions where we are able to focus in on a topic that is of interest and use to the yogi or practitioner, going way beyond what can be given in a regular class setting.

PSOAS Muscle and YOU Workshop

In this workshop we take an indepth look at one of the most used muscles in the human body. We will explore how to tell if your psoas is weak or tight. There will be a wide range of release and strengthening techniques used to find more length in the spine and start to release emotions that are generally hidden around this muscle. Some techniques we will cover are Movement Therapy, static holds, stillness, Roll & Release and Fascia Tension Release (FTR).  Come learn, explore and connect with yourself and others.

Meditation Day Retreat – Simplify, De-Mystify, Inspire

Join Rusty Davis, founder of Spirit Journey Yoga for a day long intensive workshop to look into all the curiosities of mediation. Whether you are a beginner and want to start a mediation practice or you already have a practice this retreat is for you. There will be forms of Buddhist Philosophy Meditations guided and practiced during this day, as well as still and movement meditation. Through a simplified approach, find your grounding into the inner world of the mind, body, breath connection that will lead you to more calmness, energy and happiness.  Learn a new style of meditation if you have a daily practice; knowledge is growth and when you have options you can take what works, go deeper and make them your reality to inspire you to keep practicing daily. There will be chairs provided to create your seat with less pain and more ease. Noble Silence will be observed, except during breaks, to stay focused inside, heal our throats and minds with an option to observe Noble Silence for the full day.

Using Breath and Yoga to “De-Armor” Workshop

How is “Armor” Produced?

As we journey from childhood through adulthood, painful experiences and traumas imprint themselves not only on our psyches but also in the cells of our physical bodies. This cellular imprinting of pain causes trace minerals in the body to coalesce into metallic bands of “armor”. This “armoring” restricts and blocks the free flow of energy in the body, keeping us in patterned behaviors that produce dysfunction, illness and premature aging. We walk around inside a body that is bound by pain tapes of the past. Our true nature’s spirit or soul essence is trapped inside a prison!

We armor ourselves as a survival mechanism – it stops the pain. In so doing, it blocks the flow of energy through the chakras, which in turn depletes the organs associated with those chakras. Thus, our holistic body system becomes compromised. The armor interferes with our perception and separates us from a natural connection to the Source. We have moved far away from our original intent within the Grand Design. Our bodies were meant to be a temple for spirit, not a prison for our soul.  Transformation Breathwork and skillful coaching through movement therapy or yoga will be passed along to you. People who have done this work have stated a heightened sense of happiness, more grounded, peace of mind and energy that is life changing.

Bands of Tensions In-depth Study Workshop

In this workshop with Rusty Davis we look into all the curiosities of where humans hold stuck energy and emotions. If you battle with constant low energy, pains in various parts of the body or any form of health problem then this workshop is for you or your loved ones. Through a simplified approach, find your grounding into the inner world of the mind, body and breath connection, we discover more calmness, energy and happiness which heals and builds more stamina. Learn a new approach to the human experience of where we tend to have discomfort and pains. We will go through each and every one of them so we can feel, become aware and choose to let go. Trauma/emotional release that can easily be done by anyone will be incorporated; knowledge is growth and when you have options you can take what works, go deeper and make them your reality, inspiring you to develop your own daily practice.  There will be clear instructions provided to create your personal connection to your body for more ease, flow and plenty of time to practice. This workshop will give you tools that will allow you to make day to day life more joyful, centered and calm. Making money will come, feeling the pleasures of life will rise and all because you will feel more youthful and energetic.

Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga Workshop/ Immersion

“Tantra is the practice of Kundalini awakening. It is a weaving and reweaving—an integrated process of awakening our dormant potential. The fabric of life is made of currents and crosscurrents of energy that are woven together in a structured manner.”  *Osho*

The idea with our Tantra Yoga workshop is to weave together many yoga practices, other spiritual styles and teachings in order to connect with others and the universe. We will go back to the roots or tradition and look at many Yoga methods through the Yoga Hatha Pradipika. Yoga has been proven to be medicine for the mind, body and breath connection. We all have the ability to master our lives and find the pleasures in life with love once space is opened within. You will gain the skills to unlock all your manifestations and have improved relationships with others. You deserve this essential zest within you and Hatha yoga is doorway to get there.

​During this workshop we will purify and strengthen our bodies, look at the mind, move prana and weave all that we learn into our present lives filled with kundalini. ​This topic can be a one day or multi-day immersion.